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The Thoreau Laboratory
at University of Massachusetts, Lowell
has made groundbreaking contributions
to the fields of public health

The Thoreau Laboratory for Global Health is developing innovative technologies to target global health diseases including COVID-19, Tuberculosis and Cancer

Featured Publications

Coronavirus Activates an Altruistic Stem Cell–Mediated Defense Mechanism that Reactivates Dormant Tuberculosis

Implications in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic


Lekhika Pathak, Sukanya Gayan, Bidisha Pal et al.,2021.

MYC Regulates the HIF2α Stemness Pathway via Nanog and Sox2 to Maintain Self-Renewal in Cancer Stem Cells versus Non-Stem Cancer Cells
Bikul DasBidisha PalRashmi Bhuyan et al., 2019.

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