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Our Philosophy

Thoreau Lab for Global Health
Thoreau Lab for Global Health

We are inspired by Thoreau's ideals on environmental protection. This ideals inspired Dr. Bikul's late father poet Krishna Ram Das to compose a poem "I am a tree" where the interconnectedness of us with the biosphere was beautifully visualized.


Dr. Bikul transformed the Vision to Action by writing his book "Science behind Squalene" in 2010. The image shows a living cell in a state of balance with the Earth (illustration by John Martin Toronto). Publications: Toronto Medical Publishing, 2010. 


Thoreau Lab at M2D2, UMass Lowell, MA


Our lab would like to foster the awareness about Altruism as an important part of evolutionary biology. We are inspired by two Lincoln students who have worked with us at Forsyth Institute, Cambridge. 

We are also inspired by Lincoln Sudbury High School Students who helped

Lincoln town to ban plastic bags/ plastic bottles

Thoreau Lab for Global Health
Thoreau Lab for Global Health

Lincoln Sudbury High School Student, Anjuli Das and her friends are asking

Lincoln town to ban plastic bags and bottles 

Philosophy on Science & Faith

Dr. Bikul Das talked about the philosophy of Science & Faith in his lecture at Veritas Forum at Harvard Medical School 

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