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Meet the Team


Bikul Das, MD., Ph.D.
Senior Research Investigator

Area of Expertise 

Stem Cells and Cancer Biology, Medical Oncology



Marcie Black, Ph.D.

Senior Research Investigator

 Areas of Expertise

Electronic materials, Optics, Semiconductors, Solar Cells

/Photovoltaics, Batteries, Renewable Energy,

Nanotechnology, Device Design, and pto-electronics 

Reza Bayat Mokhtari Photo.jpg


Reza Bayat MokhtariPh.D

Post-doctoral fellow 

Area of Expertise 

Combination therapy (immunotherapy and chemotherapy) for Oral cancer, Cancer Signaling 



Bidisha Pal, MS.

Chief Operating Officer, Ph.D. candidate

Area of Expertise 

Tumor Stemness, Cancer Stem Cells and Signaling Pathways



Ibrahim Akeel, Ph.D. 

Area of Expertise 

Oral Cancer & Pathology

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 8.09.04 PM.png


Pratibha Gautam, Research Intern

Area of Expertise 

Global Health


Chilakamarti V. Ramana, Ph.D, Senior Scientist 

Area of Expertise

JAK/STAT signaling in stem cells & infectious diseases

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